Artist Statement 
As a visually curious child, growing up in the bustling cities of Hong Kong and New York, I found excitement everywhere. My work is a portal to how I process life and experience the world. It reflects my fascination with color, distortions, and altered landscapes, focusing on the small nuances that so often go unnoticed. 
I enjoy working in a myriad of mediums from oil and acrylic on canvas and paper, to printmaking, encaustics, and collage.

I will happily paint on anything!

Cecilia Moy Fradet was born in Hong Kong and raised in New York City. Her father was a calligrapher and her grandfather a landscape painter. These figures fueled a lifelong fascination with the visual arts.

Her formal training began at New York City’s H.S. of Art and Design. As an undergraduate, she attended City College of New York and Goldsmith University in London. She continued studies in Manhattan at both Parsons the New School for Design and F.I.T, graduating with an Associates Degree in Fashion Design. Cecilia went on to work as a fashion designer in Manhattan for eleven years, traveling extensively through Europe and Asia. She moved to Weston, Connecticut with her family in 1992.

Cecilia is a Guild Member of the Silvermine Guild of Artists, the Artists Collective of Westport, the Center for Contemporary Printmaking and an Art Educator at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut. Her studio is located at Firing Circuits Artist Studios in Norwalk, CT.